Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kung Fu Zombie

Alright I may have lost out on MIRACULOUS FLOWER but I won this one; KUNG FU ZOMBIE on Ocean Shores tape. Woo-hoo. And Ian F tells me he thinks it's the longer print of the film! I sure hope he's right as I already have the short version on a UK dvd.


  1. I used to have the OS tape and it ran around 78 minutes. But then, I also had one tape of THE HEROES which cut off before the film was even finished while another tape of it had the ending on there.

    My friend has a wide version of KUNG FU ZOMBIE and it supposedly is the same as the OS version only wide.

  2. Bummer! That means it's the short version. I asked about the film over on ADG yesterday and the reply was that there's a version that runs approximately 20 minutes longer than the 78 min version. Oh well, it's still a cool tape to own imo. Thanks Brian.

  3. Check it to make sure, Jack. I've never seen a version longer, though.

  4. Over on ADG Markqway said:

    There are two versions of the film: Abridged one is 80 mins, the uncut one is 100m. Most DVDs available AFAIK are the dubbed 80m edit.

    - and he usually knows what he's talking about so I recon there's probably a longer print somewhere but just not on the OS tape.


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