Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tough to Kill

Ahh, I received Paul Cooke and David Zuzelo's cool book "Tough To Kill" in the mail today. Excellent! More later.

I ordered the book from Paul and David's blog dedicated the book.
Go here.


  1. Me want it, too! Where can I get it?


  2. Hey buddy. You can order the book directly from the authors blog. I've just updated the post with a link.

  3. Looking forward to a Full Review in time Jack. Enjoy :) .

  4. In my old fanzine "Stay Sick!" I used to review other people's zines but at some point I decided to stop and simply mention their being released. The thing is, I've bought one too many fanzines where the editor kissed every other fanzine editor's behind because they were his friends and I'm not gonna do that. What use is a review that just pads your friends on their back. What value does that have for the reader. None what so ever imo. But at the same time I also thought it was unfair to review amateur products on the same terms as I would review something done by professionals. So I simply stopped. When I get thru it I'll write a little more about what's covered and stuff but I doubt I'll write a proper review.


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