Monday, November 2, 2009

Underground splatter

I was watching Andreas Schnass' VIOLENT SHIT from 1989 on video last night and thinking it's a pity gore movie fans don't make cool little over-the-top splatter movies anymore like they used to a decade and a half ago!

I know people who would (and do) dismiss stuff like the VIOLENT SHIT series but me I quite like these movies, maybe because I don't expect anything they're not! I mean these little flicks are made by splatter movie fans in their mum's backyard on a 10 dollar budget. They're just fun amateur/underground movies to make and fun with. I never quite understood how come some "serious" fans dismiss them on the grounds that they're badly made? I mean... DUH! Of course they're badly made. Anything made by "filmmakers" whose "schooling" comes from watching THE EVIL DEAD, RE-ANIMATOR and DAWN OF THE DEAD is obviously gonna be crappy, haha. But I still enjoy them heaps!

Uhh, and talking of which... look what I just bought from my good mate Kurt (aka Member-X of Cinehound) in Finland:

ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 1 & 2. There's also a part 3 but he didn't have that one. Part one was listed on yesterday and the price was a whooping 999 dollars!!! I'm not kidding! Needless to say, I didn't pay anything in that vicinity. Besides, if you're curious about these films now you can get them (all three of them) for very little on a double disc dvd - and yes I have that too but, you know, I collect video! :D


  1. Cripes $999 !!! I have both Zombie Bloodbath 1 & 2 on VHS & only just about survived watching the first one. It is pretty dire. Funny watching the same people getting killed as Zombies reappearing several times during the movie. I really could not gather myself to watch part two, but it sounds better & Director Todd Sheets made it a few years later. Not sure if I went for part three, but it may be sitting around unwatched somewhere. I'd happily consider far less silly offers for the movies. Both pretty much brand new. Watched part 1 once & part two likely still sealed, unwatched. It is amazing how some really poor flicks attract so much as time goes by but $999 that is plain crazy (It's more than Todd Sheets would have spent on making the movie for certain !!!). Have you seen the movies at all Jack ?. The second one does sound much better with Zombie Scarecrow raising up the hordes of the Undead. Paul

  2. Yeah, $999 is just insane! I think the second one is something like $45. But of course they're all on the same dvd retailing for something like 7 or 8 quid on Amazon UK. I've seen the first one and what can I say, I'm pretty tolerant to this stuff, haha. My absolute fave amateur splatter flick is PLAGA ZOMBIE 2 from Argentine. It's VERY entertaining. The first one is on level with ZOMBIE BLOODBATH and VIOLENT SHIT (alright maybe slightly better than VS, LOL). They're both on a reg.1 dvd.

  3. Violent Shit 3 is one of my all time favourite low budget flicks. Andreas Schnaas did a Great job on this one. So looking forward to Karl The Butcher returning in Karl The Butcher Vs Axe in 2010 in a combo Directorial splatter outing from Schnaas & Timo Rose. Check out the Trailer asap.

  4. I just checked the trailer and wauw that certainly looks cool! I didn't know anything about it. Thanks. And yes VS3 is great! Too bad there's no subtitled DVD out (I do have the dubbed DVD but whenever I watch it I usually keep re-watching my old dvd-r off the subbed VHS).

  5. You need to stop by the BBB site more often dear sir ;) .
    I have the Three DVD release set of the VS Trilogy. All I believe in German, certainly part 3 as I watched most often. It really is such a Big blast of gory goofiness & completely easy to follow even without understandable dialogue. The use of camerawork & panning shots was the first real big step up for Schnaas. Karl The Butcher Vs Axe looks on a par & doubtlessly will look even more accomplished with the experience gained over the years. Now, did you also check out Unrated: The Movie Trailer !?. Love the nod to iconic creatures done in this & seems to also have Karl The Butcher in, perhaps a prequel taster to the square off with Axe ?. Gotta love the Fat Zombie dude taken from Fulci's Zombie Flesheaters. This looks a riot. Can't wait.

  6. Yes I do need to. :(

    I have the same VS1-3 set as you do but just the video version instead and like you said there's no subs on any of the films. I know you don't need to understand the dialogue but altho I do have a fairly good grasp of German I still prefer to have subs as well. I also have an old VHS release of VS2 with English subs and a dvdr off the old English subbed German VHS.

    No, I didn't check out that trailer but will do so. Cheers.

  7. Jack, I so do much prefer having subs too :) . It was just that the dialogue in the VS movies you can get by without. Having them Uncut is priority & as I originally all those years ago saw clips of VS3 I just had to get it in all its glory, so when the 3 DVD limited set came up I grabbed it. Need to see Don't Wake The Dead, his take on the Knights Templar. It has been released in Germany but again without any subs & apparently CUT. Need an Uncensored & English friendly version before picking this one up. Great Trailer again for this Jack.
    My first experience of Schnaas was Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence. It was a jaw dropping experience of bad taste with a poor ending but some promise. I originally all those years ago wrote it off as a one view / one Directorial effort waste of time but Andreas worked hard at his craft & has improved on all aspects of film making.
    I must get around to watching Goblet Of Gore.

  8. Weird that it's been cut in Germany when all his old films are uncut. I actually saw that trailer a little while ago. Hmm, I have GOBLETS laying around here somewhere as well, LOL.

    Btw, I've just ordered some book about men who are... tough to kill. xD

  9. I suspect our respective floor space is Chez Movie - who needs carpet eh :) .
    Tough To Kill ... Excellent. Really hope you get a kick out of it Jack, and please do let the world have your thoughts on, warts & all when you have had the time to tuck into. Thanks for purchasing Jack, it is most appreciated.
    If you later put it up on Amazon at $999 I'll expect a cut ;) .

  10. What... is... this... car-pet???

    I rarely sell books, I tend to keep everything I buy so I probably won't do that. LOL.

  11. How ironic would it be in many years to come that I come to you to buy it when mine gets lost or spontaneously combusts. I'll offer you $998 & no more ;) .
    What will be a real thrill for me will be seeing if any of the eighty reviews of movies in the book you know nothing about & or are still trying to obtain. Looking forward to discussions on Tough To Kill in the weeks to come.
    Never mind carpets, when I first bought a studio flat I spent the first two years with no furniture, strangely even then spare money went on movies !.


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