Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You call that a zombie movie? That's not a zombie movie! THIS is a zombie movie!!!

Yes, it's Andreas Schnass' epic German zombie movie ZOMBIE 90 from, ehh, when was it made again... LOL. Just fantastic! Made right after VIOLENT SHIT.

In the Flesh zine printed reviews of both films way back when they first came out. Ahhh, such glory memories. Forget about past Christmases, past holidays, and past everything else. Living in the UK and reading the original reviews (and interview) of these films in that long gone fanzine is what really matters. What really counts. Hahaha.

Originally released on oldskool video tape of course but now available on DVD. I hear there's a 3 disc BluRay edition on its way (no, not really!).

Also, check out this guy's review of the film. It's almost as fun as the film itself (I'm not sure if that's sad or what) [the sound is a little low during the first 20 sec. or so but it gets better. Stick with it!]

And before we close for today, here's one more clip. Romero, you watch and learn something from this, goddammit!!!

Oh, and I couldn't help myself so yesterday I found a store that still had a brand new copy of ZOMBIE 90 on glorious video tape. It's on its way as we speak. xD. Ahhh.


  1. It's a "classic". I had it on vhs and used to watch it a lot back in the early 90s... that dubbing is hilarious... "I'm gonna teach you to bleed all over my car" :)

  2. Yeah! Watch the review by that kid who looks like he's in the Misfits and he keps saying the film is crap and yet he keeps watching it, haha.

  3. Oh, and if you wanna watch it again just get hold of the reg. 1 DVD of VIOLENT SHIT 3 where the entire films is on as extra material.

  4. Oh, I have that dvd. Problem is that I have 300-400 unwatched dvds so Zombie 90 has kinda low priority. :)

    Violent shit 3 was pretty ok actually and Anthropopagous 2000 even better. For a Schnaaz movie that is. ;)

  5. DIARY OF THE DEAD looked like an Andreas Schnaas video. Maybe he was ahead of its time.


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