Sunday, December 13, 2009

Robo Vampire (1988)

VHS/Japan/letterbox/English dub/Japanese subs.

More highbrow arthouse quality from Hong Kong! Today, I received Godfrey Ho's ROBO VAMPIRE on Japanese VHS. I've never watched it before but I believe it's a piece of quality cinema on par with, well, the best of them! XD

Incidentally, Don_fofo wrote a cool piece on the film yesterday over on his über cool blog Cinediondo. You may need Google translator. I must admit I really really like Cinediondo even if my Spanish isn't very good and even if the Google translations come out truly bizarre. Just the look of his blog is awesome!


  1. I could pay for a 2-disc bluray-edition of this. Looks amazing.

  2. Nice Jack, not only is this Japanese VHS very difficult to come by but it is in a fabulous 2:35:1 print as well. A Hugely entertaining slice of hockum. Recommended viewing & there are a couple of other appearances by Robo in Thomas Tang productions as well to seek out.

  3. I had a quick look at it and you're right, Paul, it looks fantastic. Won it for a mere 25 dollars. I have lost it for much more than that in past auctions.


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