Sunday, December 20, 2009

Upcoming documentary on the polizisco genre

This looks pretty good!

Wauw, I'm certainly looking forward to this! I don't quite understand why they're referring to the genre as "Eurocrime" when the docu is obviously only about the Italian polizisco (police) films but, hey, I can live with that. A couple of the actors have aged beyond recognition but someone like Fred Williamson is, well, very recognisable! :D
Incidentally I watched Umberto Lenzi's NAPOLI VIOLENTA (aka Violent Naples/Helvedes forgård) the other night. Great stuff indeed!!

[click scan for bigger size]


  1. I can be good. Mike Martinez (who had one of the biggest review-sites of euroaction in the childhood of internet) is one of the guys behind this doc, and sometimes he can be very, very sloppy and sometimes totally spot-on.

  2. Alright. I'm not familiar with him but it IS sloppy to lump it all together as "Eurocrime" when we're really just talking Italian films here.

  3. Yeah, I remember the site of MM, great one, long gone. A sort of revival, Kult Movies Maximus seems to have fizzled out. :(

  4. Oh that one!! I remember that one, we actually talked about it on this blog many moons ago.

  5. Damnit, Franco Nero looks young. I didnt realize it was him at first...

  6. Neither did I!!! And Chris Mitchum has completely lost his youthful beauty! (ahm, not that that would matter to me anyway, lol).


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