Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Xmas Horror - Funny video clips are a click away

It's almost Christmas! We don't celebrate it here as Christmas is banned in Denmark (we don't even have December but 60 days of November, I'm not kidding!) but even so, merry Xmas to all you cretins out there where ever you may be. Even those of you in Norway. xD


  1. Yeah, and we don't have December either cos it's the "month of Christmas". Instead November runs for 60 days. ;-)

    (I'm joking my friend. Our Xmas is all over the place and just as full blown commercial as yours)

  2. I wish it could be banned so I got get some peace! :)

  3. Since there's 30 days in Novenmber and 31 days in December shouldn't November have 61 days in Denmark? Or maybe New Years Eve count as the 0th of January? ;) Joking aside, have a great Christmas!

  4. No, I think the 61st day was just cancelled due to bureaucrats in Brussels. LOL.
    Fred, just close your door and pull down the blinds and you'll be fine. :D
    Anyway, thanks Magnus and a very merry Christmas to you too. In fact a god jul to everyone reading my blog hinsiden. For some reason it seems there are periods when I have more readers over there than here. Damn Danish people! ^o^


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