Friday, March 12, 2010

A Bollywood star - now also in South America

Check Member-X's fake VCD cover (with me) out on this website located (I believe) somewhere in South America. Haha. These cats scour the web every day for cool cover scans (70-80% is vintage porn mags). Hmm, maybe I should go to Bombay and hook up with the Ramsay family. Hmmm. xD


  1. That pic is really funny. Good movie too! Oh, and I recently copied your hairstyle my friend! Bald is beautiful!

  2. Yeah, great movie. LOL.

    Oh really?! Gee, what a difference. I remember one of your FB pictures where you looked like a bearded lumberjack member of an early grunge band like Tad or something.


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