Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Black Sabbath live Paris 1970

Just awesome!! From before Ozzy drank his brains out. From before they all started hating and suing each other. From before Ozzy began with his fucking hand clap and crazy look routine. From before they became asshole rock stars.

From Paris, 1970. I've listened to this four times in a row and I'm gonna listen to it again as soon as I finish this shit. Fucken awesome!!!


  1. Dude!
    if you like that I guess that you have the PAST LIVES live album? If not I highly recommend it as it's Sabbath live during the seventies and at the best they ever have been.

    Sabbath are the greatest no argument there. And god knows they still kicked some major ass when they reunited and toured again a few years back.

  2. Hey Magnus,
    (you're probably not called Magnus but I have this notion that everyone in Sweden is called Magnus, LOL).

    No, I don't have that album! My Black Sabbath collection is rather lacking! What I've got is: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Live at last, and Live Evil.

    Don't tell me, a rather ramdom collection, I know! I've always liked the band but at the same time felt their music was often a tad too slow - but... Jesus Christ!... this television recording from 1970 is like the best garage-rock ever!!

    They're fast and tight thru all the tracks! I wish this recording was out as a legit release. I checked YouTube last night and the entire show is up there from multiple uploaders (and ranging from truly crappy to excellent picture quality). I want a dvd-r of this, hell, I want a cd-r of this!!

    Do they play this fast on their earlier records (the first LP I've heard is #4 from 1983)??

    As I was going thru the songs last night (this morning, LOL) I also checked one of the same songe from a live benefit of some sorts they did in 1985 and the difference between the "two" bands was like night and day!

    Somehow I wish they had split up some time in the early 1970s so we would only have had the good stuff! (but in reverse that would mean that today we'd be going "Arr man, I wish they'd kept at it. Imagine how good they would have become" haha).


  3. lol. nope not magnus, but I'll let you use that if it keeps you happy. i have an english name that oddly enough way to many swedes mispronounce. So magnus it is. :)

    The Past Lives albums is pretty fast, and yeah the Sabbath legacy could have managed without the two last records before Ronnie James stepped up. But even those albums aren't that great really. It's the first six Ozzy albums that kick ass.


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