Sunday, August 8, 2010

For Your Height Only sequel - VHS

Ahhh, check this out: I won the uber very mega totally rare Swedish VHS release of THE IMPOSSIBLE KID on eBay. The film is the sequel to FOR Y'UR HEIGHT ONLY (on Mondo Macabro DVD as For Your Height Only) starring Weng Weng!!! This film isn't out on proper dvd anywhere but only included in one of those 50 Films packs and I believe it's a "Public Domain" release in the US (which anywhere else would be called an illegal bootleg). However, I think this is the only video release of the film. If there are any other I'm not aware of them.

Oh, and don't ask!! I have absolutely NO idea as to why the Swedish company re-titled the film with the FIRST film's title!! O_O
In the words of Johnnie Cochran (i.e. the South Park version of him anyway): it does not make sense!!!!!

Oh, and if winning the tape wasn't awesome enough it seems nobody else discovered the auction cos I got it for a mere $15.50 bid! Yay!! Spiffy!!!


  1. Ah, I have that one. Found in a flee market once. Didn't know what it was at that time :)

    I think there's a sequel for the other movie on the same tape. But I'm not sure.

  2. I knew you had that tape (on Betamax, right?) and Andrew Leavold has a copy too. I asked him about the extra stuff on the tape and he says it's a trailer for "The Impossible Kid" but - and get this - the trailer contains footage from the first Weng Weng spy film "Agent 00 (1981)" which nobody has a copy of!!!

  3. No, it's on VHS - and yes, it's true - the weirdness of the trailer is true! I remember that now, it caused me a lot of confusion later, especially watching MM's release of For your height only and remembering footage that is not in either of the movies :)


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