Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fear Itself (Masters of Horror, season 3)

My bank account is in the red and with last night's purchase it's gonna be even more in the red, argh!!

The kinda third season of the US TV show Masters of Horror, retitled Fear Itself, has just been released on local DVD. Søren over at Skræk og rædsel blog has mentioned it a couple of times and since I quite enjoyed season 1 I thought I'd check out how much this new set retails for (and no, I still haven't got season 2 which for some reason wasn't released here. I'll get the reg. 1 set eventually). In a few months you can probably scoop it up for DKK 70-100 but right now it's around 300 Danish pesetas ($56). A bit much for my in-the-red budget so I checked Amazon and lo and behold they had THIS spiffy edition...

...for a mere 24 dollars! So needless to say that's the one I ordered! :D

I mean how cool is that; Get a skeleton shaped cover or a boring Danish one?? Yeah big difficult choice!! (like NOT). Both releases contain the complete series. The Danish e-stores I checked all mentioned it's "season 1" but none of them mentioned the link to the Masters of Horror series or that it's in reality season 3 (just produced for a different network). IMBECILES! I spit in your face!! (LMAO).

PS: click the skeleton cover twice for gigantic bone size! xD.

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