Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best SCREAMIN' JAY HAWKINS documentary the world never knew


  1. Check out the skull!:


  2. I just watched it!! Thanks for that link. xD

  3. And I posted it on FACEBOOK and said thanks to you but of course you're not on FB, LOL.

  4. Thanks Jack! :)

    Naturally I didn't notice the skull on the cover you posted before I clicked on 'Publish your comment'. I felt rather stupid afterwards... and even managed to convince myself that you had already seen that clip before.

    What a great performance! He even snorts passionately!

    By the way, is that a real documentary?

  5. No need to feel stupid, Nicolai. And yes that is a real 100 minute documentary. There's a clip from the film here:

    - and yes, that's a real performance. I haven't watched my film yet but I certainly look forward to it.

  6. I'm tired obviously!! That last line should've been "that is a GREAT performance"!!

  7. Thanks for the link Jack, that was very interesting (although Rudi's haircut freaks me out).
    Afterwards I read that Hawkins' anecdotes from WWII may not be true at all. Apparently he was there simply to entertain the troops.

    Look what I just found - a podcast with excerpts from a several hours long 20 year old interview with the man!:

    This was the same promoter who had the bright idea of scheduling Jay to open a series of shows for Nick Cave. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins opening for Nick Cave?! What on earth was that man thinking?

    Jay took it all in stride, and put on a typically high energy show that had the audience begging for more. When Nick Cave finally took the stage, the crowd was still chanting “Screamin’ Jay, all the way!”

    When it finally became apparent that Screamin’ Jay wasn’t coming back, they began chanting “Nick Cave, dickhead!”

    Jay looked at me, completely deadpan, and said “apparently that’s some kind of insult in Australia.”

    Ha ha! :D

    PS: Don't spit on your past!

  8. Thank you for that link, Nicolai. I did actually find the podcast the other day (and downloaded it) but I haven't listened to it yet.

    Hmm, I'm not sure about those war stories not being real. In the film he talks about it in detail and it sounded real enough. Btw, the entire version of the documentary film has been uploaded to YouTube. It runs for around 100 minutes. Apart from everything else, there are some good interview bits with Jim Jarmusch.

    And RUDI'S HAIR DO!!! LOL.

    PS: Have you been to the "Do you speak English" blog lately? The guy behind it is giving away a set of free postcards as a think you to his readers/listeners. I've already received mine. xD

  9. *think you* >_<

    Lay off the pandas Jack! They're messing with your head. ;)

    Yep, I noticed that the full documentary has been uploaded to youtube which is why I made the 'Don't spit on your past!'-comment.
    However like you I prefer to buy the documentary and support the makers.

    No, I haven't been there for ages but just had a quick look.
    What does the design on his postcards look like?

  10. The postcards are kinda collage photos that he has made, and the motif is always the same picture of "man with camera" in different holiday locations.

    Yeah, I'm happy I bought the DVD. I simply can't settle for a crappy YouTube version (or even a GOOD YouTube version!).

    "Et nøgent menneske", too funny! LOL.

    Check this one out:



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