Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yes, I've posted this trailer before but it's necessary that I post it again! SANTO Y BLUE DEMON VS LOS MONSTROUS has everything!


  1. Such a Classic slice of Mexican Wrestling madness & monsterific mayhem. Big Fun.
    Even more Bizarre is this Review of the movie ;) :

  2. LOL. Just watched it. Very cool, Paul (and yes, highly bizarre).

    In contradiction to you and some of the YT commentators I have no interest in real wrestling. I just love these Mexican movies (altho I haven't watched that many).

  3. Someone give the Frankenstein monster a comb! Such a fun piece of celluloid. I couldn't stop smiling watching this.


    Was the Frankenstein monster driving the getaway Car? LOL.

    *****END OF SPOILER*********
    Love these types of films!


  4. Yeahhhh, these films are good fun and I need to watch more of them!! xD xD xD


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