Friday, September 30, 2011

I can't even think of a headline...

It saddens me deeply to forward this: Turkish film director Kunt Tulgar has been to see BILL BAROUNIS (aka Vassilis) in hospital in Greece and according to Turkish film journalist Ali Murat Guven he said:

"Unfortunately Vassilis is dying step by step. He was sleeping deeply."

I'm still hoping for a miracle. :-(

Here's Ali Murat Guven's email in full. It was posted on Cinehound forum today (Friday):

"Dear friend Miltos,

Mr. Kunt Tulgar just arrived to Athens today early in the morning and he didn't want to disturb to you, directly went to the clinic.

He saw Vassilis, Julia and Vassilis' parents. He spent a few times at the hospital and gave Vassilis' honorary prize from Ankara Fantastic Film Festival to Julia.

They called me from the hospital, both of them were so sad. Tulgar said 'Unfortunately Vassilis is dying step by step. He was sleeping deeply. I kissed him and whispered to his ear 'As the Turkish filmmakers, journalists, film fans, we will never forget you and your efforts for us dear Greek brother'.

It was a very tragic moment for me. Kunt and me were crying on the phone.

Mr. Tulgar will return to Turkey on Friday.

I thank you for your friendly informations and helps. We really will never forget our Greek brother and from now on, we will remember him in every fantastic film festivals in Turkey.

Unfortunately, I could only have done this for him. I go on praying for my lovely friend.



You can read the original posting (including Miltos' comments) here.

Like Kurt said, wish you were here now, Bill. :(


  1. A very sad article.Thanks for the update on Onar Bill's condition. It must've been hard to read as you know him from Cinehound and all. I've only spoken to him once when I first bought some dvds off him from ebay. He jokingly said I was the only Turkish Onar Films fan in Australia out of the 200,000 Turks who live here.


  2. The Internet is a odd being. I think 10-15 years ago people thought we wouldn't communicated with other people behind their screens as if they were real people. But the thing is although it's nice to meet people in real life, the real communication between people is in the dialogue. What we actually say to each other, and whether that dialogue is said out aloud or in the written form doesn't make that much of a difference.

    I've never met Bill and actually I haven't even had that many personal email exchanges with him. But being on Cinehound and "talking" with him about films and Onar through that medium made me get to know him quite well. In other words, he's not a forum name without a "face" if you know what I mean.

  3. yeah i know what you mean.I remember he also asked me if i had any rare turkish tapes or lobby cards. I told him i only had some vcds that i think he already had. He was keen on releasing the masked devil at the time. I don't have an email anymore so i'll have to sign in anonymously.


  4. Just Joe will do fine. I'm never going back on facebook anymore. You can forget about the Boztepe monicker it's buried and dead. LOLZ. it your birthday ? If so, then have a happy one !!!


  5. Yes, it is. Thanks, mate!

    You've left Facebook!? Uh, why?? You won't be able to post posters and stuff on the Turkish film page. o_O

  6. I've got my reasons. It's basically a waste of time and i don't want to be tied down to the computer for 5 or 6 hours a day. Also the lack of feedback and a few other things i won't go into. I'll start a better blog for turkish movie reviews but it won't be just superhero movies and cheap remakes.
    I was in the city today and saw the weng weng double feature on umbrella for $16.95 but i wasn't compelled to buy it. It really ain't my bag. I'll just stick to movies from Turkey, Japan, Italy and Hong Kong.


  7. That's alright, no worries. And about Weng Weng; no worries on that too. Never buy films because OTHER people are into them. LOL.

  8. No worries all round.Haha. I went into a heavy metal music store today that sells horror and music dvds.I bought a copy of the night of the living dead but it turned out to be the 90s remake, had to go back and get a refund. time to nod off, it's 3am in the morning here.cheers.



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