Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Return of the third rate Mennonite blog preacher

What the fuck was I thinking!! Closing the blog. How retarded! But then again I've done it 3 or 4 times in the past (if you click the "the end" label it'll take you to the very first time which, if I remember correctly, was just a few weeks after I opened the fucken blog!!!). Anyhoo, the blog world needs someone to be the fist in its face and, well, in the horror circuit the LEJEMORDER might as well be that fist. In other words this here mouldy vampire bat is flying once again (and as much under the radar as ever!). xD

Thanks to those of you of expressed frustration, sadness, and a lack of will to live due to my initial post. It warms the knuckles of my heart.

NB: I guess I should be writing this in Pennsylvania German but, uh, maybe that'd be taking the already crappy joke too far.


  1. Well, they call it "Pennsylvania Dutch" too but apparently it's not Dutch at all as they used to call German "Dutch" (i.e. Deutsch) in English. LOL.

  2. G'day Matey,
    Nice to see ya back !! even though you were only gone for a minute or two, HAHAHA !!!
    Cheers Maaaaaatttteeeyyyy !!!!!

    Toodles from Noodles.

  3. Thanks, mate. Well, obviously I'm exaggerating as always, the two minutes was around two days. Haha.


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