Monday, January 19, 2009

Island of the crappy living dead Bruno Mattei zombie movies, part 2

I watched ZOMBIES THE BEGINNING, the sequel to ISLAND OF THE LIVING DEAD which I wrote about yesterday. I must say it's quite a bit better than the other one. The first one is from 2006 and this one from 2007 but whether they went back home to Italy and then returned to the Philippines the year after to make the sequel or they made them back to back I don't know. But the second one is certainly better than the first one! When I say better I hope you understand that what I'm really saying is "the better one out of two crappy ones", haha.

Anyway, I was quite entertained and had a pleasant hour and a half. As Jocke mentioned in a comment to my first post BEGINNING is almost a zombie remake of ALIENS!! Just much cheaper and crappier and the actors have about as little acting skills as the ones in the first one. The gore scenes and zombies are quite alright though. I mentioned yesterday that it's not dubbed but shot in English. That's not quite right, it was shot in English alright, but it's still dubbed (just in the same language as they spoke during filming!).

Anyway, if you like trashy horror flicks then you can certainly find much worse films than these two. No, waitasecond... actually you can't, haha. But watch them anyway, they're fun, crappy entertainment and Bruno Mattei's swansong. There's a dedication to him at the end by the way; a brief segment where he says "Not until the end" (or something like that, I'm so much not gonna go and check!). Well, this became the end for him. Thanks for all the crap you gave us, Bruno.

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  1. The End of an era. Now who the hell will provide us with gory trash of this magnitude?


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