Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Return of Zuma

Mein gott!!! There's going to be a new ZUMA sequel this year called THE RETURN OF ZUMA (aka Ang Pagbablik Ni Zuma)!!! Who wouldda thunk that!!!???

Of course, there's a good chance a few of you don't even know the original film ZUMA which came out way back in 1985. And very briefly (veeery briefly); It's about this green dude who has snakes coming out of him and who fucks up people and stuff (see the clip). It's not necessarily the best film ever made but the character is so weird and different from any other horror movies that alone makes it worthwile. Uh, did I mention it's ever only been available on VHS in Japan. In Filipino language with Japanese subs.

[Japanese VHS in Tagalog, Jap. subs]

The only English "version" that exists is an English dubbed trailer for the film which, incidentally, is on the Japanese ZIMATAR tape (Zuma contains for trailer for Zimatar). There is also a sequel entitled ANAK NI ZUMA (aka Zuma 2: Hell Serpent) from '87. You can get it on VCD from online stores in the Philippines.

[Filipino VCD/in Tagalog/no subs]

yes, the writing is in English on the VCD cover although the film is in Tagalog and doesn't have English subtitles. No, I don't get it either, LOL

From the original film:


  1. What is it then?

  2. Oh my god! If you are kidding with me now, I'll take a trip on danskebåten and fuck you up!

    Haha, hope this is trashy as hell!

  3. I really, really hope they'll get this new sequel released as I certainly wouldn't want to see you on the danskebåten. Obviously you wouldn't be let into this fine country of ours but still. The thought of you somewhere in the seas close to here is... disturbing.

  4. Oh Shit!!! Zuma is back!!!

    I hope to include the "reptilian son" of Zuma also!!! (from secuel of Zuma)



    sorry for my bad English

  5. Hi Don_fofo,

    Yes I also look forward to this new sequel!! I hope they get it finished this year.

    Your English is fine.



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