Monday, April 13, 2009

The first MINI-SKIRT GANG screen grabs!!

[click all scans for bigger size]

Thanks to Mads Jensen I can now present to you the very first screen grabs from MINI-SKIRT GANG. By the way, I have previously referred to the film as THE MINI-SKIRT GANG but the title card clearly doesn't have "the" in the title.

Nils Markvardsen (of eXtase magazine) tells me he has written the Danish booklet for SEXY GIRLS OF DENMARK while Mads took care of the remaining two, BAMBOO HOUSE OF DOLLS and MINI-SKIRT GANG. The three DVD's will probably hit the Dutch (LOL) streets of Denmark in a couple of months!

If you read one of the Scandinavian lingos you might wanna check out this Birte Tove interview that a Danish newspaper did with her shortly after Nils spoke to her for eXtase. Click here.

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