Monday, April 13, 2009

Rani Mera Naam is finally coming home

Regular readers (!!!) will have noticed the red masked chick who has graced the right bar on this page for the past week or so. What was it all about? Who is she?? And... why??? Well, I can finally unweil the mystery (haha, yeah big mystery, you've probably been rolling in your sleep because you didn't know, right? LOL).

Almost two years ago Miltos of Cinehound forum posted a short description of a Hindi film entitled RANI MERA NAAM which led to Jared of Worldweird blog to review the film, and his description of it was, whoah!! Here's something you gotta get hold of I thought to myself so immediately I... waited two years... and then rushed out and bought a copy! Haha.

[click the scan for a bigger size]

Well, there are so many films on my want-list and time flies by so quickly (lemme tall ya mate once you get past that big THREE OH time just rushes past you like there's no tomorrow. It's fucking scary!!!). Also, this isn't exactly a VHS that pops up every week on eBay and unfortunately it's never been granted a DVD release. Or maybe it has?

DVDs in India come out by the bucket-load every day and disappear almost as quickly as they arrived. It's insane! And makes it almost impossible to get a good overview of what's actually released and what's not.

Anyway, enough ramblings. I won an ex-rental VHS of RANI MERA NAAM last night (incidentally the very same Greek release that Miltos posted about... and the eBay seller happened to be mr. Cinehound hisself, haha) and I can't wait for it to find its way to this forsaken hell-hole up north. :-) :-) :-)

Here's Miltos colourful description of the film:

Hindi violent "woman's revenge for rape" action thriller directed by K.S.R. Doss in 1982! Starring Vijayalalita, Anwar Hussain, Madanpuri, Ajit, Iftekar, Natarajan !!

They murdered her family, burned their house and raped her sister in front of her eyes. Now they must pay, so she rides a horse and kills them one by one by several brutal bloody ways using a whip, a sword, a gun and a huge knife. Wild action, a lot of blood and pure violence, bizarre ceremonies, a lot of exotic songs & dances and even some fantasy elements, make this one a pure Hindi gem !!

And I urge you to check out Jared's cool review at Worldweird. It's right here.

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