Sunday, June 28, 2009

...and so the eternal hunt for 1980s Hong Kong horror continues :D

(aka The First Vampire In China)
VHS/Japan/letterbox/in Cantonese/Japanese subs

Check out Knetan's review on So Good... HK Movie And Dvd Reviews here.

Scan from the English subtitled, letterboxed HK laserdisc release of the film (courtesy of "So Good..." site)


  1. Some more info on this movie is needed, once you have seen it.

    How much did it go for? If I might ask.

  2. You might and it went for peanuts! I was the only bidder so it was $10 which surprised me to no end!

    Last time I tried to get it I was outbid with some ridiculous end bid.

    I'll let you know more about it when I get it. Knetan (Kenneth Brorsson) of "So Good..." HK review site told me yesterday that there is an English subtitled, letterboxed laserdisk but needless to say it's looong OOP.

    Oh, and I'll let you know a wee embarrassing secret; I've been trying to get "First Vampire" all this time because of a review I read many years ago in N!S!T! # 4/5 in which the reviewer (Dave Torderello of "Monster International" zine) was totally overwhelmed by the craziness of the film. Yesterday, after having won the VHS I just wanted to re-read the old review and discovered that the review I have connected with the film for so many years in my head... was actually for another HK film called "Toothless Vampire", argh!! HAHAHAHA.

    Luckily it seems "First Vampire" is pretty entertaining as well (it's also reviewed in the mag).

    By the way, I have a link somewhere to a download version of that issue and I'll post it here at some stage.

    - And obviously now I have to try and find "Toothless Vampire"! :D

  3. Haha. You Danish people crack me up!

    Either way, First Vampire looks awesome, so I don't think it was a bad purchase. Toothless Vampire also sounds awesome. I think I made a bid once on a Japanese VHS of Toothless Vampire. If I remember correctly - But I drink a lot of Danish beer, so I might not.

  4. Gee, I'm so thrilled we can entertain you. :/


    I think it's the beer talking. The version of "Toothless Vampire" that was reviewed in that mag was an un-subbed print (probably from a Chinese VHS) and I have only been able to find ONE bootlegger who has it, and his version is an un-subbed print as well. Probably from the same source.


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