Sunday, June 28, 2009

RAMBU: Forceful Impact

[VHS/Greece/fullscreen/English dub/Greek subs]

It's been a while since I last posted about Peter O'Brian and his films but tonight I'm as happy as happy can be cos I've finally won the last O'Brian film I didn't have: FORCEFUL IMPACT which (to the best of my knowledge) only exists on VHS in Greece! But it wasn't an easy win lemme tall ya that! And altho I don't know who my opponents were I have my suspicions, LOL.

Trash-online's description:
Here comes another Indonesian rarity from the producers of THE INTRUDER, and yes, more Peter O'Brian madness for your viewing pleasure! Benson (Peter O'Brian- RAMBU) takes control of a mafia family after Don Giovanni's (Mike Abbott of FINAL SCORE) demise. A mafioso's widow is desperately seeking revenge for her husband's murder- apparently the killer Benson. The plot is a mess here although there are quite a few good reasons for anybody to watch this: Cameo by Mike Abbott. Peter O'Brian constantly saying "fuck" (at least 3 of them in each of his sentences). Peter O'Brian in funny underwear taking part in a sex scene, then raping another girl. Nudity- that's something you rarely see in an Indonesian production. Over the top action with gunfights, sadistic torture and huge explosions! Lovers of Indonesian trash cinema should grab this without thinking twice! Watch FORCEFUL IMPACT and see what the O'Brian phenomenon is all about!

There's no trailer for FORCEFUL IMPACT on YouTube but my mate Lefteris has uploaded one from another Peter O'Brian film; LETHAL HUNTER (aka American Hunter). O'Brian is actually only in the film for about 3 minutes, LOL, but it's totally awesome nonetheless (he IS in the trailer!).

Chris Mitchum plays the main character in LETHAL HUNTER and here's a trailer for another over-the-top and no-holds-barred Indonesian film starring Mitchum; FINAL SCORE. Both films are VERY recommended!!!


  1. Gotta love Rambu. Jack have you got the Peter O'Brien movie that was never officially released ?. Can't recall what it is called ... hey, is it Forceful Impact !?.
    Check out my Rambu review from a while back.


  2. It's not just that it was never officially released: actually it wasn't released un-officially either!!

    And you kinda answer your question yourself; As the film in question wasn't released ANYWHERE (not even in Indonesia) it isn't "Forceful Impact" as that film is out on vhs in Greece. The unreleased film is called "Time Game" and you can find the trailer here:

    And I should point out NOBODY has that film; no bootleggers, no torrent sites, no fans, no nobody.

    And yes I have it. :D :D :D

    Unfortunately, I've had to swear on my life not to make copies as my mole inside an unnamed distribution company would get into trouble. :-(

    Thanks for the link (actually I was already familiar with your review, :D ).

  3. WOW!!! I would give my left arm to see this! Actually I just watched Lethal Hunter last night and DAMN that movie is incredibly entertaining.

    Anyway keep up the good work and greetings from a dedicated follower in Iceland.

  4. What a coincidence! As late as yesterday I was looking at Google Analytics and wondering who is reading my blog in Kopavogur. LOL.

    Tony, the novelty of watching "Time Game" is actually better than the film itself! It's not up there with "Lethal Hunter", "Rambu", "Double Crosser", etc.

    Thanks for your kind words and I'll certainly try to!

  5. Hya Jack!

    Here's a scan of my ol' Dutch tape for ya:

    Used to have three copies of this incredibly entertaining indo-craptioner :-)



  6. Thanks, Teade.
    However, you actually linked to a Dutch cover for "American Hunter", not "Forceful Impact" (I didn't have the (American Hunter scan so that's alright). Was that on purpose?

  7. Hey Jack;

    Guess it was, clicked on the "American Hunter" link below, and it directed me to "Forceful Impact", sporting an "American Hunter" trailer...

    Enjoyed the trailer, so I thought I'd give you a link to my scan ;-)

    Might just come in handy someday ;-D

  8. Any scans of these films are ALWAYS very welcome!! Thanks again, Teade. :-D


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