Friday, June 19, 2009

Nick Nicholson pisses off from hospital

Brilliant news! Nick has just posted a piece on what happened on Sunday when he had a heart attack and, not least, an account of what happened at the local hospital (Nick Nicholson lives in the Philippines). Certainly good news that he's getting better! The stay at the hospital was so awful that Nick just decided to go home again! As truly terrible as Nick's illness is, and as terrible as the whole incident is, I must admit Nick's report is pretty funny. And it certainly puts things into respective! The day before yesterday my grandmother fell and broke something in her hip. Then yesterday we went to the hospital and everyone in the family thought it was a DISGRASE that she had to wait a full day to get operated (because the hospital was busy). Well, I'm sorry for my grandmother but reading Nick's account makes you think we're pretty spoiled in northern Europe. There's one part where Nick mentions the guy lying in the next bed who's actually lying in puke... from the girl who had the bed BEFORE him!!

Read it all here.


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