Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strike of a Hong Kong movie aficionado

I bought twenty HK films today, most of them on HK VHS (plus one UK tape and, get this, NOCTURNAL DEMON on dubbed tape from South Africa retitled "Enter the Lady Boxer"!! :-O ). A couple of the films I knew nothing about but I grabbed them anyway; "What the hell, could be great", right? One was GIRL WITH THE DIAMOND SLIPPER; So I look it up on HKMDb and it looks a tad too silly me thinks. Maggie Cheung is in it but, uhh, sorry Maggie, I love ya and all but this just looks too sappy!!). Anyhoo, I pull out the tape and discover the store people have actually put Stanley Tong's STONE AGE WARRIORS (starring Elaine Lui of the ANGEL films) inside the cassette by mistake. Much better! :D :D :D


  1. That's certainly what I hope. :D

  2. PS: I should point out though that the VHS cover for GIRL WITH THE DIAMOND SLIPPER actually looks pretty fun! It annoys me now!! What if it's heaps better than the HKMDb reviews indicate!! :-/


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