Friday, June 26, 2009

Alright, it took a while but...

...I've finally found a place to order the spiffy new Italian DVD release of Bruno Mattei's incredible masterpiece CRUEL JAWS (aka Jaws 5). I mentioned the then upcoming DVD here but it's taken a while to find a place to order it from (i.e. to get my shit together, LOL) but I've finally found an eBay store in Italy that carries it. I've just this minute ordered my copy and it came to approximately $23 including postage worldwide. If you haven't read my old post do check it out as I also posted the trailer there.

Finally, while we wait why not watch the Cinema Snob's review of CRUEL JAWS!!

PS: No, he's not for real, it's a piss-take!! But he's pretty convincing and there's always 6 trillion subscribers who believe he really hates these movies, haha.

PS.PS: It's not a telly movie as he states. It was indeed made for cinema release, it just never played much in cinemas simply because hardly any distributors wanted to buy it. LOL.

For the DVD on Italian eBay go here (and no need to worry; it does carries the English dub).

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