Monday, August 17, 2009

Feels like a Sunday night fun on a Monday, eh? Part 2

Where do these people come from? :-O


  1. I dunno... I guess if I was to meet this girl in person, my tendency would be to tell her, "Put a sock in it!" LoL

    Kinda cute though...

  2. Yeah, she was cute... but I just couldn't listen to all of this.

    When it comes to "who's the best" I usually do the old "Who would win a fistfight between (in this case) Michael Haneke and Lars Von Trier" :)

    In this case I'm sure Haneke would win, if Von Trier dosen't get a weird panik attack and start hitting everything around him. Love 'em both though.

  3. Hah, I actually watched the entire thing and felt my sanity slipping into a dark place. Haha. The Canuk accent is cute tho, she keeps saying 'oot'. xD

  4. Thats easy, Jack... She's a user on the!!! *LOL*


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