Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Renato Polselli's unreleased MANIA - the complete trailer

I posted the trailer for Renato Polselli's Italian horror movie MANIA from 1974 a little while ago but unfortunately it was a rather aborted version. Now, thanks to a private collector, here's the complete trailer finally. And in a really good condition too. It comes from a 35mm print.

Wayne on Cinehound informed me MANIA has NEVER been released anywhere on VHS or any other format, nor has it been shown anywhere on television. There exist no bootlegs either. And even when it came out it only had a very limited run in the Italian cinemas. When you watch the trailer it's hard to understand why it didn't cause more interest but maybe the stimmung back then just wasn't in favour of it. :(
It's a crime against all humanity that this film doesn't exist on DVD and I certainly hope we'll get to see it released soon.


  1. Fuck yeah! This needs a DVD release from either Mondo or Synapse! Wasn't there a screening in the US aswell?

    Drunken comments for the danish!

  2. It looks amazing! Delirium is one of the best italian movies ever made, and I never get tired of it. Had a hard time connecting to Black Magic Rites - but I will give it a try again!

  3. Was it the new AWE/Njut dvd you watched, Fred? I've never watched any of the two but will get hold of them. No, Patrick, you drunken bum, it was screened in Italy.

  4. I have the great ABUS version of Delirium, with both the original italian version and the international version. Beyond all the sleaze it's a really good giallo.

    Black Magic Rites is on the Njuta-release. I started watching it, but never got... hooked on it. But I'm sure it's worth watching.

    Whatever it's about, I need to see it NOW!!!!!!

  6. MANIA concerns a scientist and his twin brother. He discoveres that his brother has been knocking off his wife and so bumps off his brother. His revenge is not complete until he has tortured his adulterous wife also though and he poses as his deceased brother in order to drive her insane. He also invites a bunch of guests over to their home and proceeds to use his scientific methods to create various occurences around his home, such as apparitions of his dead brother, etc. to torture their minds!
    Includes the usual Polsellian touches of masturbation with bottles, gore and sadomasochistic devilment!

  7. I can send a couple of images from the film for you to add here on your blog if you want matey?

  8. Hey Wayne,
    That would definitely be fab!! If you want to send them via email you can use the email (not PM) option on Cinehound.


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