Monday, August 10, 2009

Fellow blogs that fly under the radar but that you OUGHT to know about!!! ... "WORLDWEIRD"

As mentioned in my previous post I've got zilch to say tonight but what I DO want is to recommend that you check out this fine gentleman's blog. There's far too few sites, blogs, and fanzines that write about world-weird cinema. Jared does exactly that on his Worldweird Cinema blog and YOU should read his stuff. And if you're curious about Turkish cinema it's the place to be tonight as his most recent entry is on the weird hybrid that is THREE SUPEMEN AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES (aka Üc Süpermen Olimpiyatlarda) / THREE SUPERMEN AND A MAD GIRL (Çilgin Kiz Ve ÜÇ Süper Adam).


  1. Thanks Pal! And as Bill from Onar might say "The money we agreed has been transferred to your bank account."

  2. Thanks for the "Heads Up" on this! Went over there, enjoyed it, and now follow it!

    Nick :)

  3. LOL. Cool Jared. I'll be spending it on a big imaginary dinner tonight.

    Well, Nick, in the world of cool overlooked movies I do my best to spread the word. :-)


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