Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dansevise (1963)

You didn't see that one coming, eh.


  1. LOL. It won the European Song Contest back then.

  2. Can we send in wishes? Dirch Passer med... Rep-Ti-Li-Cus! ;)

  3. I kind of thought it was something like that! Kind of reminds me of my days in the Mediterranean(sp).

  4. "Et solstrejf i en vandpyt
    Et lille kindkys af en vind"

    Fuck yeah!

  5. Zoink; if you waste your time on the 7 or 8 cover versions of the song on YouTube you'll find that none of them are very good. There's one charming Norwegian one by a female amateur singer but that's it (and a funny one from Kid's tv that uses the original sound). Some of them are quite horrible. It my view it only works if you sing it in proper 1960s Danish. It simply doesn't work in present day sloppy Danish.

    Ninja Fred; Sure thing. :-)

    Were you there in the early 60s, Nick?


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