Monday, August 24, 2009

Kind of blue

Photo of Miles Davis, after being beaten and arrested by New York City police outside the club Birdland, fifty years ago today.

I got the above picture + text (from today) from this very cool blog on everything PULP. And incidentally the blog is located in ... the Philippines! :D You should check it out, lots of cool pulp'y pix.


  1. Thanks for the link Jack! The site looks pretty cool! :)

  2. You're welcome, and yes I think so too. :-)

    Apparently the whoever-does-it has been doing it on and off for a long time. It was a (print) magazine to begin with.

  3. Fuck, for once a beautiful blog!

  4. Actually I believe it's a real site, not a blog. Not that it matters, LOL.

    But I agree it's VERY good looking and it must be pure humbleness when the person(s) behind it says:

    "[we] didn’t know squat about print publishing and now we’re older and we don’t know squat about web publishing."

  5. For me it looks like blog made to look like real site :) But it looks great and I will visit this a lot! Thanks for the tips!


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