Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The other woman...

...alright maybe not quite but the other BLOG! I finally did a proper update on the Filipino war movie blog with some crazed Aussie guy's long rant with some Dutch guy. LOL. Oh, and Eric Hahn is now a follower of that blog as well. How cool is that. Eric has a blog of his own as well now. It seems every Westerner who was ever in a Filipino war flick has his own blog now. Well, ya ain't gonna hear any complaints coming from this here hack writer! He doesn't have very many blog entries yet but check out his post about the DELTA FORCE 2 helicopter crash. Mind-blowing reading. Go here. Oh, and one of his other posts is about living his Mexico. Gee man, it sounds most of all like BEING ON THE SET OF A FILIPINO WAR MOVIE!!


  1. Check out Don Gordon Bell's blog.


    Don't forget to visit his album as well !!!!


  2. Hi Jack,
    Totally off topic but I thought I would stop by and return the favour ;o) I did leave you a comment in response to your comment on my blog, but you may never go back there again! No clue what happened to my music list - I've redone it - of COURSE The Cramps were on there. I saw them at the Hammersmith Palais in the early 80s and have a treasured photo of Lux Interior posing for me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;o)

    I love the old pulp novels as well as the new stuff - well - how can you resist titles like SWAMP BRAT, or SWING THE BIG EYED RABBIT, or THE CORPSE THAT REFUSED TO DIE? I love Richard S Prather - wonderfully funny. Anyway, sorry for the long spiel but just wanted to say hi back.

    Donna (aka The Broad From Badsville)

  3. Bert;
    Thanks for the links! Incidentally I just noticed that Don Gordon Bell is now subscribing to my Filipino blog!!

    Donna (miss Badsville Broad);
    Thank your so much for your comment. I should point out tho that I WOULD have checked for a response on your own blog, LOL.

    However, let me suggest you apply that spiffy WEE devise that allows readers to get notified when you make a reply to their comments (you'll find it under "settings: comments").

    You got Lux to pose for you! Lucky you! I discovered them about a decade later when I was living in London and taped a live broadcast of "some band" on the radio and it turned out to be The Cramps! And later that year I went and saw them at The Roskilde Festival.

    I'm afraid I haven't read anything by Richard S Prather but you're right, how could one not want to dive into pulps with titles like those. LOL.

    Again, thanks for your comment, I appreciate that.

    And for anybody curious, Donna is here:

  4. Hello again Jack,

    I'm answering both your comments here - hope that's OK :o)

    > I'm sure you've learnt the sad >news of Lux Interior's passing

    I was gutted - I always kept checking to see when they would next be on tour somewhere I could go and see them, and now there's sadly no chance of that, and no more great songs.

    >And you love punk and you live >with migraines!

    I do, and I do :o) Love one, hate the other!

    >Gee, are you a female version of >me!?

    Do you have a shoe thing? A love of film noir? An uncanny ability to cause cause chaos in an empty house? :o)

    >Haha. Unfortunately, I've had >migraines since I was five

    Ouch - poor you. How often do you get them?

    >Maybe I SHOULD drop by once in a while after all. :D

    Maybe you should!

    >Gee, you're a published writer! >Wauw. Congrats!

    Thank you - I still have to pinch myself on that front, feel like a bit of a fraud :o) But I love doing it and would do it even if no-one were to want it!

    >altho I did publish a fanzine >called 'Stay Sick!'

    And there's the Cramps reference again :o)

    I shall check out that settings thing - thank you for that.

    And definitely try Prather - his PI Shell Scott is brilliant - he can get stabbed, shot, beaten up and he still has the strength and inclination to sleep with a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all before tea-time (or 'hot tomatoes' as he calls them). Totally sexist and I love it! Here's a couple of quotes:

    "she wore a V-necked white blouse as if she were the gal who'd invented cleavage."

    "Her breasts were so full and firm and abundant that each of them might have been both of them."

    "But it was much more than just a dance. It was like doing a fox trot and getting your pants pressed at the same time. It was a sort of anatomy lesson in four-four time, a promise for three steps and madness on the fourth, it was -- well, it was too much."

    Wonderful stuff if you like your pulp fiction with a dollop of humour.

    Anyway, sorry to have taken up so much room :o)


  5. Hey Donna,

    No, that's fine, no need to keep it on two blogs, I can't hear you very well if you're shouting all the way from that Glaswegian blog of yours anyway, LOL.

    >Do you have a shoe thing? A love of film noir? An uncanny ability to cause cause chaos in an empty house? :o)

    No, yes, and yes. So that's almost. xD

    Man, those quotations sure sound like pulps I'd like to read. Thanks for suggesting them to me, I'll be sure to seek them out. :-)

    How often do I get migraines? Often! But they need an explanation; Last winter my dad rang me and asked if I wanted to attend an evening class in "web-page creation" (!!) with my aunt.

    Now, at that stage I hadn't seen my aunt since around 1986 when she disappeared so obviously I said yes. Jump to our having met again. During our getting to know each other again she asked me about me migraines and said: "So do you get them what, once a month?". Oh man, I wish!

    The thing is I've always got them every week, sometimes just once, sometimes several times. Sometimes they stay with me for an hour and sometimes for days. My unfortunate record is 12 days straight. And we're not talking a mere slight headache here.

    However, getting to know my new-found (or re-found) aunt I learnt that in the years in-between she'd become a Vega tester! Yup, one of those herbal therapists. Anyhoo, she suggested I should go and see her "mentor" for a session. Yes, I thought "'mentor' what, like a sensai?", haha.

    I really didn't wanna go cos I don't believe in weird hocus-pocus but my dad kept saying "If it can help you wouldn't that be great?" and so in the end I caved in and said yes (and let him pay for it). The herbalist gave me a couple of WEE bottles filled with mysterious stuff. I half expected she'd show me a couple voodoo dolls and start chanting but she didn't.

    Now 5 months later I haven't had ONE single big migraine! Sure I still get smaller migraines but as I said I haven't had one of the big ones. And I used to get those all the time. And the water in my legs that kept bugging me is completely gone. It's quite amazing. My headaches will probably never be gone for good but even this is much much better.

    The sessions are quite expensive but they're only every two months or so and she said I'd probably only need 3 or 4. So altho I'm a hardliner skeptic when it comes to herbalists etc. I must admit this has really helped. But hey Donna, I'm rambling, you've got stuff to do, books to read and shoes to polish so I'll finish here. Thanks for your reply. All the best.



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