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MGM's Midnite Movies DVD's - complete list

I dig complete lists so here's another one; It's the complete listing of all films that MGM have released in their awesome Midnite Movies series. The list comes courtesy of Bill Piper of Dvdmaniacs forum and the notes in the list are his too.

These DVD's are all great and anybody interested in horror movies ought to check them out. Unfortunately some of them are way out of print (the Reptilicus DVD I mentioned in the previous post is part of this series and is sadly OOP).

Please notice:
A number of the films are released as both single film DVDs and double sided DVDs paired with another film.

I have only included the double sided DVDs, except for those instances where a film is only released as a single film DVD.

Also, four films were only released on VHS as part of the Midnite Movies series (the four films did get a DVD release but without the Midnite Movies moniker).

List and notes by Bill Piper:

Released August 27, 2002:

01: The Attic/Crawlspace
02: Deranged/Motel Hell
03: Masque Of The Red Death/Premature Burial
04: The Oblong Box/Scream And Scream Again
05: What's The Matter With Helen?/Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

Released April 15, 2003:

06: Angel Unchained/The Cycle Savages
07: Cry Of The Banshee/Murders In The Rue Morgue
08: Invisible Invaders/Journey To The Seventh Planet
09: Muscle Beach Party/Ski Party
10: Psych-Out/The Trip

Released August 26, 2003:

11: The Comedy Of Terrors/The Raven
12: Countess Dracula/The Vampire Lovers
13: The Haunted Palace/Tower Of London
14: The Tomb Of Ligeia/An Evening Of Edgar Allan Poe

Released August 24, 2004 (Initially released as Best Buy exclusives):

15: The Abominable Dr. Phibes/Dr. Phibes Rises Again
16: Attack Of The Puppet People/Village Of The Giants
17: Beach Blanket Bingo/How To Stuff A Wild Bikini
18: Beach Party/Bikini Beach
19: Count Yorga Vampire/The Return Of Count Yorga
20: Empire Of The Ants/Tentacles
21: The Fall Of The House Of Usher/The Pit And The Pendulum
22: The Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow/Ghost In The Invisible Bikini
23: The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant/The Thing With Two Heads
24: Invasion Of The Star Creatures/Invasion Of The Bee Girls
25: The Land That Time Forgot/The People That Time Forgot
26: Monster That Challenged The World/It! Terror From Beyond Space
27: Strange Invaders/Invaders From Mars
28: Theater Of Blood/Madhouse
29: The Wild Angels/Hell's Belles
30: Wild In The Streets/Gas-s-s-s!

Released March 22, 2005 (Initially only available via Canadian online

31: Die Monster Die!/The Dunwich Horror
32: Fireball 500/Thunder Alley
33: Last Man On Earth/Panic In Year Zero!
34: The Mini-Skirt Mob/Chrome And Hot Leather
35: Morons From Outer Space/Alien From L.A.
36: Tales Of Terror/Twice Told Tales
37: Voodoo Island/The Four Skulls Of Jonathan Drake
38: War-Gods Of The Deep/At The Earth's Core

Released June, 2006:

39: Crystalstone/Boy and the Pirates, The
40: Fortunes of Captain Blood/Captain Pirate

Released September 11, 2007:

41: Beast Within, The/Bat People, The
42: Blueprint for Murder, A/Man in the Attic
43: Chosen Survivors/Earth Dies Screaming, The
44: Devils of Darkness/Wichcraft
45: Gorilla at Large/Mystery on Monster Island
46: House on Skull Mountain, The/Mephisto Waltz, The
47: Konga/Yongary, Monster From The Deep
48: Phantom from 10,000 Leagues/Beast With A Million Eyes, The
49: Return Of Dracula/Vampire, The
50: Tales from the Crypt/Vault of Horror

There have been 116 film titles released in the Midnite Movies line,
100 of those films are available on double-feature disks and 16
available only as single-feature disks.

The following are Midnite Movies not yet paired with another movie on
a MM double-feature disk:

01: Angry Red Planet
02: Bucket of Blood, A
03: Donovan's Brain
04: Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine
05: Food of the Gods, The
06: Frogs
07: I Bury The Living
08: Island of Dr. Moreau
09: Killer Klowns From Outer Space
10: Man From Planet X
11: Mars Needs Women
12: Pajama Party
13: Planet of The Vampires
14: Reptilicus
15: Witchfinder General
16: X - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

EDIT: I've noticed the following four titles were ONLY part of the Midnite Movies line on VHS: Pajama Party, Frogs, A Bucket of Blood, Burn Witch Burn.
Their DVD counter parts are ordinary MGM releases that don't carry the cool MM logo on the front.

Thanks to Bill Piper for providing me with this list. Cheers mate. Also thanks to Jayson for additional info on the VHS only releases.


  1. Here's the ones I have:


    The Oblong Box/Scream And Scream Again
    Cry Of The Banshee/Murders In The Rue Morgue
    Count Yorga Vampire/The Return Of Count Yorga
    The Land That Time Forgot/The People That Time Forgot
    Monster That Challenged The World/It! Terror From Beyond Space
    Theater Of Blood/Madhouse
    Wild In The Streets/Gas-s-s-s!
    Last Man On Earth/Panic In Year Zero!
    War-Gods Of The Deep/At The Earth's Core
    Beast Within, The/Bat People, The
    Chosen Survivors/Earth Dies Screaming, The
    Devils of Darkness/Wichcraft
    Konga/Yongary, Monster From The Deep

    Food of the Gods, The
    Planet of The Vampires
    Dunwich Horror, The

    The last one, The Dunwich Horror, wasn't on your list - or maybe I'm going blind. I have a single release of that one.

  2. And Midnite Movies is one of my favorite series of dvds. There's impossible to be disappointed by these.

  3. I'm just checking my blog before going to bed at half past 4 in the morning - and there you are! LOL.

    You're going blind! The Dunwich Horror is #31.

    It's on a double disc with Die Monster Die. I admit it can seem a bit confusing: My list is a complete list of all the films in the series but not a complete list of all the dvd's as the films that have both double and stand alone releases only are mentioned with their double discs.

  4. Actually, the top cover in the post is from The Dunwich Horror.

  5. Aha, now I understand! It just didn't say that it was also a single release :)

    I was up because of a terrible pain in neck and the back of the head. So it was better to read some blogs to relax.

  6. Wow, fantastisk liste. Jeg havde overvejet selv at lave en Midnite Movies-liste, men nu slipper jeg for besværet.

  7. Fred; Sorry to hear about your neck and pain.

    Søren; Jah, så det bare med, om du kan finde dem, du mangler. Nogle af dem er desværre udgået.

  8. hi there again Jack J,these were some of the first films I bought when i started collecting dvds.I've got that Reptilicus dvd you mentioned.I believe it was filmed in your neck of the woods.Thanks for the list.I can see that there's quite a few I didn't get.

  9. I don't have them all either, maybe around 15 or so.
    Yes, Reptilicus was filmed here but the version on the MGM disc is different to the one on the Danish DVD; Just like with Dracula (1931) they filmed it twice at the same time and on the same set! One for the local market and one for the US. The Danish version contains some scenes with slapstick humour that I could have been without, LOL.

  10. Jack,
    Thanks,I didn't know there were 2 versions of Reptilicus.Also scenes from reptilicus were used/spliced into The Monkees tv show.I think mainly scenes of people running thru the streets of Denmark and I think some scenes with the monster itself.

  11. Burn Witch Burn (1962) is also a VHS-only MGM Midnite Movie...

  12. - and that's not even on my list AT ALL! Thanks, Jayson!!

  13. Oh, and you talked about ridiculous Amazon prices the other day. Right now, the only new copy is $166 on Amazon!!! A second hand one is $18.

  14. Thanks, I'll have another look at the list. Those two anonymous comments above were made by me.HeHeHe...


  15. I knew that. I mean... you DID sign them (alas with your old name, "Tombei"). LOL.

  16. I saw some of these at a cinema in the 1980s called Dave's Encore Theatre in Devonshire St Surry Hills Sydney. I remember watching The Trip,Psych Out,Wild In The Streets and the Wild Angels there. It's no longer there. Below some info about the cinema :-

    In Dave’s Encore Cinema at 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills which opened in 1987, operated for over ten years at this site. Previously, it resided in Sydney at Anzac House,The Forum , Hyde Park and Tom Mann Theatre, Central Station.
    As well as hosting live performances and various functions, the double-billed repertory programming was sourced from a 13,000 reel private collection of 16mm and 35mm film stored in the basement. A number of related items from the massive archive were dispersed in an estate sale in 2002.
    The significant collection of 3D prints provided sell-out showings of films like Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein.
    Other full houses were provided by monthly screenings of the latest Hindi and Tamil productions long before the western craze with all things Bollywood.
    Barrie Pattison’s Zombie Brigade received its east coast premiere here, too...


    1. Joe, that location's you listed are for Bob Johnson's Encore Cinema. Bob used to screen 16mm prints of old tv shows as well as classics as you mention.

      Dave's Encore Cinema was more art house. He also had the market sewn up for film adaptations of high school texts - I saw Macbeth with my class. It started out on Pitt Street, I think where Metro is. When the building was pulled down he moved to 105 Elizabeth Street but was only there a few years before closing down (and it became the Mandarin Cinema, then the Mandolin)

  17. That sounds like a very cool place, Joe. Too bad it's gone. :(
    When I was in Melbourne I would frequent a cinema called "The Valhalla" and they had some really cool cult stuff too. That's where I saw ED WOOD for the first time when it first came out.

  18. There's a Valhalla Cinema in Sydney Too! It's in a suburb called Glebe that's very close to the CBD of Sydney. I only saw one fim there which was the 20th anniversary screenings of The Beatles movie 'A Hard Day's Night' in 1984 or maybe early 85.



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