Monday, September 21, 2009

Four Flies ever on proper dvd?

Here's a scan of the "legendary" English dubbed VHS bootleg release of Dario Argento's 4 FLIES ON GREY VELVET. The VHS is taken from a 16mm print. And no I don't have it (I have the German bootleg DVD that came out a couple of yrs back). Will we ever see a perfect release of this film. Fully uncut. Proper sound. Proper picture. It's ridiculous that while so much filler goes directly to DVD some of these much wanted films just either stay in limbo or get released as inferior, crappy versions. It's indeed enough to make a grown man boil his eyes out like a little Japanese schoolgirl. :o(


  1. Ryko released this back in February :)

    I have the German DVD, also. The quality is a bit rougher but I prefer it!

  2. I might not have been paying attention at all, but isn't the MYA release good?

  3. The Mya-release is excellent. It misses around 40 seconds because of print damage, but it's (according to me) nothing important and dosen't affect anything.

    So except that, still the best version released.

  4. Thanks for your link, Scandy T. Man. I was aware of that release and as Fred says it's probably the best one so far.

    However, in my post I was asking for a perfect release and according to a loooong thread on Dvdmaniacs the Ryko/MYA release just isn't it! According to the info the "print damage" is most likely a white-wash on MYA's behalf. It seems unlikely that it's print damage since the print was in storage for 30 yrs and the rest of it is in excellent condition. There wouldn't be 53 seconds of print damage (it's not 40 sec. as was first reported). And why did they state it's "uncut" on the cover when they knew very well it's missing 53 seconds!? And also, the sound is screwed up on the English dub. It's actually taken from the German bootleg. Furthermore, the DVD doesn't have English subtitles so you can't follow the Italian dub (unless you understand Italian, obviously). Italian newspaper headlines aren't even subtitled. Anyway, as I mentioned, that's all info from that thread. I can't vouch for it as I haven't watched that release.

  5. Anybody who wanna go thru that thread themselves can do it right here (all 45 pages!):


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