Wednesday, September 23, 2009

H-Bomb (1971)

In 1972 Chris Mitchum and Olivia Hussey both starred in Antonio Isasi-Isasmendi's Italian/Spanish/French co-production SUMMERTIME KILLER. That film has become somewhat of a cult movie but actually already in 1971 Mitchum and Hussey joined forces in the Thai/Hong Kong co-production H-BOMB. After having just watched the film it seems to me that this is a co-production where the Hong Kong part is probably just the money aspect of it. The director, P. Chalong, and most of the cast is from Thailand, the film was shot in Thailand, and everything reeks of Thai. Well, apart from the gwailo actors in the lead roles, obviously.

I tried to get this on video about a year ago on eBay but lost out to another bidder. Well, good thing too cos I'm sure all the old video versions are fullscreen (like the ones used for the Youtube clips) and guess what; Joy Sales just put out a fully letterboxed print!

I received my copy from Dddhouse in Hong Kong today and watched the movie right away. And what can I say other than it's great fun! It's a mess... but a fun mess, haha. One reviewer on IMDb writes:

[ ]...entire thing feels like it was edited by a bunch of blind chimpanzees...NO! Scratch that! DRUNK blind chimpanzees!

- and, uhh, that pretty much sums it up. LOL. However, just as that reviewer says later on in his review, H-BOMB is a totally entertaining. A lot of stuff doesn't make sense but screw that it's a fun movie. There, I've said it three times now!

The plot is about some crooks in Thailand having stolen a... wait for it... H-bomb! And they're basically up to no good. In addition to this they've bumped off the two best secret agents the US had to offer. What to do, what to do. Hmm, the US and the UN could have sent in troops, the terror squad, the local CID, the police, Scotland Yard, a whole army of secret agents. But no, they send in... Chris Mitchum. Hahaha. It's so fucken hilarious, I mean millions of lives are at stake here and they send in one single agent to solve the case (and they don't even tell the Thais so a couple of times our hero is about to get arrested!!).

Anyway, enough about the convoluted plot (which was most likely written on the back of a beer coaster). Suffice to say there's lots of action and of course Olivia Hussey is a babe. The print that Fortune Star/Joy Sales have released is as I mentioned earlier a good looking letterboxed print. Well, "good looking" in its being letterboxed but unfortunately it's an old scratched print that was used as a door-stop for 20 yrs. It's got a lot of scratches. As with so many of these releases from FS/JS's this one gets a VCD release way before we're rewarded with a DVD so that's all there is for now. But like I said earlier, even tho I haven't watched any of the old video releases this probably looks better than those due to its letterboxed status. There's only one audio track, which fortunately is the English dub (with Chinese subs in the black bar). Now, if this hadn't been so entertaining in a crappy, rough and even gritty way I might have been more annoyed by the fact that the two main actors are dubbed by someone else than themselves but it wasn't a big deal. There a bit of gore and nudity as well (one beheading and our friend Chris visits a bar with nudie dancing). Recommended (and I'm positive Fred of Ninja Dixon is gonna like it!).

From H-BOMB:

Also from H-BOMB:

Pretty cool fan made trailer for SUMMERTIME KILLER:


  1. Jack, I think I saw a bit of this on television years back. It sounds like it's a lot of fun. Thanks for the write up. I will have to pick this up when I place a long overdue order at dddhouse!

  2. You're correct! I'm looking forward to see this! :) But I'm waiting for the dvd.

    Now, If I just could find the thai-megahit 123 Monster Express (which sounds like some early version of Speed), then my life could be complete!

  3. fed post Jack!Du bestemmer jo nærmest de film jeg ser...The Mutilator igår og Summertime Killer
    idag he he LOL!
    Switching to english...I always loved Summertime Killer. Mitchum
    is cool as the likable but silent and deadly biker-vigilante!Awsome bacalov score and and a couple of hot eurobabes!Love the way he picks up Claudine Auger btw. And poor Karl Malden gets it in the end!
    Looks like its coming out on a double bill from Wild East. Hope
    its a decent print, my old danish
    vhs has seen better days!
    Never heard of H-Bomb, looks fun!I think I`ll wait for the dvd.

  4. Jah, jeg er trashfilm-fansenes spindoktor, haha (og tak).

    Yep, and the other film on the double bill is CONFESSIONS OF A POLICE CAPTAIN. SUMMERTIME KILLER is already out on a pretty good DVD from Thailand. That's the version I own myself and it's available from TK (run by an American in Thailand) and also eThaiCD:

  5. I forgot to mention this when I initially posted the SUMMERTIME KILLER trailer: It's actually a fan made one and it's pretty cool. Check it out.

  6. Ja jeg kan knap tænke selv for tiden haha!

    Its a nice double bill from Wild east!Thats a must for me.
    But the thai dvd is fairly cheap.
    Hmm what a luxury problem!

    Tk, another thai dvdshop?
    Do you have a link for that one also. please!

    Yeah good work on that trailer,
    and it hightlights the cool song,
    someone needs to release the full soundtrack!

  7. Sure do. TK WORLDWIDE is an eBay store in Thailand run by an American called Tom. The good thing about it (apart from cheap prices) is that Tom often sells Thai DVDs of Western films that other Thai stores don't bother with (the amount of releases every week in Thailand is massive!).

  8. Tak Jack!Some nice thai dvd releases I wasn`t aware of!


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