Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh Anna

Whatever you think of Anna Nicole Smith is fine but in my book she was pure psychotronic!! And if nothing else she did do two movies that are, well, pure psychotronic awesomeness! TO THE LIMIT (1995) and SKYSCRAPER (1996).

Anna Nicole's acting abilities were so terrible in both films it almost defies physical possibility but that's not really important here; What is of major importance is they both deliver in the entertainment department. Well, I take it you understand I mean: on a highly trashy level.

Check out these two trailers and you'll see what I mean, and also be SURE to check out the video at the bottom of this post. It's a (probably rare) video tape from the shooting of SKYSCRAPER; if you thought her acting abilities were bad when you watched the films or trailers then... watch this tape. It goes where no crappy actor or actress has gone before, LOL. (btw, it's timecoded and was most likely never meant to be made public, LOL). Both films are on video tape and DVD.

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  1. This was a late night staple on premium cable channels here in the states. I still remember staying up way late during a sleepover to watch it on HBO. My friend was like "you gotta see how horrible this is!"


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