Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crazy Indonesia: gone!

It seems the only fan site dedicated to everyone's favourite Indo flick, RAMBU aka The Intruder, is gone. I can't say I'll miss them (sorry guys!) but still; sad to see someone disappear. If I don't seem too bummed out about it it's simply due to the fact that they never seemed interested in actually providing any kind of info on neither the film, the actors in the film (other than Peter O'Brian) nor the alternative version that was released in Indonesia (the Intruder version is the international edit). They didn't offer any info on Peter O'Brian's other films, nor did they have the slightest interest in wild Indo cinema as such. They did do that cool interview with Peter O'Brian but that was about it. I sincerely wish they would have done a better, more hardcore and anal fan job out of it than what they did. I'm not trying to be mean here, just honest. :-(

Anyway, the cover scan is from my video tape from Belgium. It is without a doubt thee best release of RAMBU picture-wise!! It's fully letterboxed (the Greek tape is only half lbx) and has a picture so crisp that you'll cut your fingers if you put them on the screen while the film is playing (the Greek tape has the usual soft picture that we've come to expect from Greek VHS). The only "flaw" is the French dubbing. If someone added the English dub to this tape it would be perfect and beat all other releases!


  1. You probably shouldn't have used the words "hardcore" and "anal" in this post. You're gonna get a lot of unhappy visitors.

  2. You mean in addition to all the ones who come here cos they made a search for "one man one cup" only to discover a Pere Ubu post, haha.

    At least I didn't create a blog about "hardcore" punkrock. Now, that would've been fun. xD


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