Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best ever post-apocalypse film on a Friday

Alright, I've never actually watched RAIDERS OF THE SUN so it may be shite but I've just discovered it's on DVD (from Roger Corman's company) so I'm definitely gonna get it. Filipino stalwarts Henry Strzalkowski, Nick Nicholson, and Richard Norton are in it and it's directed by Cirio H. Santiago!!


  1. Yes, it's definitely a shit movie, but you might like it, Jack. Have you seen DUNE WARRIORS from around the same time? It was a lot better, at least to me.

  2. LOL. I wonna get it anyway. xD

    Yes, I have DUNE on VHS but I haven't got around to watching it yet.

  3. No, not DUNE, but DUNE WARRIORS from the early 90s. It has David Carradine and Rick Hill from DEATHSTALKER in it.

  4. Sorry, "Dune" was just my lazy abbreviation for DUNE WARRIORS! I have DUNE WARRIORS on VHS.

    Even if I had read your title as DUNE I would hopefully have wondered about the lack of a connection to Cirio Santiago. LOL.


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