Saturday, August 6, 2011

So AWE are releasing the Thai horror film CROCODILE, yes?

Noooo, they're just using THE POSTER from the Thai film for their release of the Italian film KILLER CROCODILE!!! Hahaha.

Fabrizio De Angelis, Italy, 1989

Incidentally I own the Thai DVD of KILLER CROCODILE 1 & 2. :D

But regardless, you should check out BOTH films! And needless to say big kudos to AWE for this release! There are many VHS and DVD releases of the Thai film. I've got the German DVD and Thai VCD, and I'm told the best version is the German DVD (the German DVD title is "Der Horror-Alligator - Das letzte Kapitel" and it's available from You can check the AWE disc here).

PS: I called CROCODILE a Thai film but it's actually a co-production between Thailand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and the USA. There are several edits of the film.


  1. Svenske Studio S Entertainment har som udgangspunkt brugt den samme plakat, men er endt med en variant af motivet med en lysere og mere munter baggrund:


  2. I have the Italian flick on Japanese tape! :)

  3. @Søren, haha, den svenske der ser næsten en tand FOR surealistisk ud!! o_O

    @Jayson, why am I not surprised!! Very cool. I'm left with the Thai DVD. Pfft.


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